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Q:  Is proprietary software required to make adjustments on a Medrad® injector?

A:  Yes, but proprietary software is not required to perform an accurate and thorough PM on Medrad® injectors.


Q:  Why is your pricing so much lower than an OEM?

A:  As an independent service organization, we do not have the overhead of an equipment manufacturer. This allows us to keep our pricing very competitive.

Q:  Can Precise Biomedical perform PM on all makes and models of injectors including  MEDRAD® injectors?

A:  Absolutely.


Q:  How much time will be allocated for each contrast injector PM?

A:  Approximately one hour is required for each injector.


Q:  What is your corrective labor rate for contrast injectors?

A:  $200.00 per hour. Our 3-year agreement customers receive a discounted labor rate.

Q:  Are your contrast injector PM checklists based upon OEM specifications?


A:  Yes.  Our PM checklists have been derived from the OEM manual for each contrast injector model. Each worksheet displays OEM recommended tolerances and parameters. All measurements and tolerances are recorded on the worksheet next to the tolerance recommendation from the OEM.

Q:  Are parts included in a routine contrast injector PM?

A:  Gaskets, select lenses, bulbs, and filters are replaced routinely at no charge. Precise Biomedical uses only OEM parts. Our engineers carry some of the most common parts prone to failure. Other parts are available upon request.


Q:  How do you handle a contrast injector "hard down" situation?

A:  Precise Biomedical has a professional service engineer available 24/7. If this situation occurs, call for support. If the engineer determines the problem cannot be resolved by tech support, a replacement unit (or part) is shipped to you via overnight express. Loaner units are supplied at no charge when Precise Biomedical has the opportunity to perform repairs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the cost for an annual contrast injector preventive maintenance inspection?

A:  Pricing is based on the quantity of injectors.


Q:  What are your travel costs?

A:  We calculate travel costs based upon airfare, hotel, and car rental (when applicable). Driving mileage        is used if the trip is local. Precise Biomedical Inc. makes every effort to keep our travel costs to a minimum; we do not mark up any travel costs.